Sunday, April 20, 2014

Vol. 2 No. 16 -- Because of Him

Because of Him...

Happy Easter Everyone!!

I hope you have had a wonderful Easter with friends and family!  This week I have thought alot about my life.  My younger years were so hard.  When I think of them, I break down.  Over and over again I ask myself what were they thinking?  What did I ever do to deserve what I got?  The getting beat up, the spitting on, the name calling and mockery, and the list goes on.  I remember one day, me and another girl had to stay in from recess (don't remember why) and she began going through everyone's desk and stealing notebook paper.  NOTEBOOK PAPER!!  I asked her why she was doing it and her response was "They have so much and I have nothing."  I think we have all experienced times in our lives whether it would be of someone we know, or an article we have read that just made us gasp.  That made me gasp as a young child.

This past week I kept seeing a video called "Because of Him."  It seemed many friends were sharing and reposting.  I finally watched it and these were the words that came up, there was no music, no voice, just words. Powerful words.

It was Unthinkable
A single act
That changed history
He was a carpenter
A teacher
An outcast
A leader
Yet he did what no carpenter,
Teacher, leader, outcast had ever done
Like all who preceded Him
He lived
And He died
But unlike all who preceded Him
He rose from the dead
He lived again
He lives
And because He lives
You and you and she and he and they and we all will live again
Because of him death has no sting
The grave no victory
We can start again
And again
And again
Because of Him
Guilt becomes peace
Regret becomes relief
Despair becomes hope
Because of Him
We have second chances
Clean slates
New beginnings
There is no such thing
As the end
Because of Him

These are pretty powerful words.  Reading through this list, how many remind you of your own life?  Despair that becomes Hope!  Second chances! Clean slates!  New beginnings! Impossible! and the list goes on....but all "Because of Him" I know there is no such thing as an "end". 

When people ask me how I do it from day to day, this is how.  I know there is no end to this life just an end to an earthly life.  Just like anything we must prove ourselves if we want to succeed; and so it is with life. It doesn't come easy and takes alot of hard work, falling down and getting back up.  I know I have several friends who are struggling with health issues, family issues, finances and the list goes on.  It is my hope by looking through this list and/or watching the video Because of Him...  we remember we all have a second and third chance at life. Just don't give up.  If you are not where you want to be or want more, don't give up that search!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and have a wonderful week!!

Hugs and loves,


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