Friday, March 28, 2014

Vol. 2 No. 4 - Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

Good Morning All,

Here it is the end of January.  I know many of you have had some harsh weather where you are.  I am happy to report that Spring is ONLY 52 days away!!!  C’mon on all, WE CAN DO IT!!!  But of course with Spring comes different weather challenges, then we get into the  hot summer days of Summer, the beauty of Fall and back to winter again!  But through it all we manage somehow.  For me in the winter days, when I have a good day from health and snow I go to the store and will usually stockpile on some grocery items to make sure I am prepared for winter.  It comes in handy to be prepared, just ask those who have been in disasters and were not.

I often think of when I was younger and was told we need to shape our lives like a square.  I always thought a square was BORING!  Now I see the wisdom in it. A square has four evenly straight sides. You can lay it on any one of its sides and know it will be balanced. I know we all want our lives to be “balanced” and sometimes it is hard to even know where to start on it.  We all want good health, be financially and emotionally stable, and always seem to strive to find ways to be closer to God.  I like to think of the four sides as being physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually balanced.  As I get later in my years I see this more and more every day.  I have failed miserably at these for the most of my life but in other ways I have overcome great strides to get to where I am today so I can really focus in on these things. 

Physically I believe I will get there.  It is one of the goals I am working on this year. I have had tests after tests run and it all comes back the same, there is nothing wrong with me.  I know there is.  The other day I realized my legs were cold compared to the rest of my body even though I had a blanket over my legs and the heater on nearby.  I decided to Google it and there were a few answers but one caught my attention “low thyroid.”  I have had my thyroid checked several times and there is never anything wrong.  This has led me to believe differently.  I have trusted doctors and sometimes they don’t know the answers. 

This week I was reminded of this because a family at church has a son who has seizures.  He was a normal kid until the time he was 14 (he’s now 21) when he started having seizures, he quickly went from that normal kid to not being able to find his locker at school or remember other every day occurrences.  Some things he has not forgotten like how to run!!  And he is fast!! I have been on some of those hunting parties in trying to find him.  Doctors in the last seven years have never been able to find out what is causing Christopher’s seizures.  This week he went to turn off a light switch, had a seizure, fell down the steps, hit his head and ended up in ICU.  Horrible!!  But at the same time there are now a couple of neurological doctors who “think” they know what is going on.  Maybe these years of prayers will be answered.  I can tell you that there is no better or more suitable family for Christopher to be in than the one he is in.  Their loves astounds me when I watch them together. 

So like Christopher on my journey, I have found things that seem to help my lymphedema, energy etc.  It is not your standard medical procedures or recommendations, but little by little they seem to work for me.  When people tell me “But everything has sugar you can’t leave it alone” I have to say “Ha ha watch me!”  Same with Gluten and soda….they are my biggest nemesis and all are tied into Arthritis.  If I can get my arthritis better, I can go walking again.

Financially is one of those things I feel I have failed miserably in so many ways, but yet I am in awe that I was able to survive as I did with none or little income as long as I did.  Truly blessed!!  I have to remember the difference between my wants and my needs.  One of the things we are constantly told is “live within your means.”  It doesn’t matter if I can only put $5 a month into savings, as long as I save some I will be beating the odds.  Just like everything else in life, finances need a plan and a path to take.  How many times do I go to the store with no list?  I think of the few things in my mind I need to get—who needs a list for just a few things right?  Guess what happens?  I come out of the store with much more than I planned and usually always forget one or two items on the mental list.  That is going to change!!

Emotionally I see great strides and then I break down and I feel I am back to that little girl again. SIGH. Usually it is a comment that triggers me and the tears begin.  With that comment and tears harsher words are thrown my way.  I remember at Thanksgiving when someone innocently was asking me what I was doing for Thanksgiving.  In the midst of the conversation I mentioned it was my birthday and Thanksgiving was a hard time for me.  The words came, “Well you were born weren’t you?  Then you have a family.”  It has stayed with me because they will never know the other side of that statement.

Spiritually I know I have come far, and still have far to go.  I remember back to January of 2010 when I walked into church for the first time in many many years and the events that transpired me to get there and here today.  The lady I lived with at the time took the Lord’s name in vain way too often for me.  I know it doesn’t bother most because it is part of our culture, but it did me.  As time went on I began to see her way of life and mine were not the same. Her language was just a small part of it.  I had nowhere else to turn but back to Christ.  So I took my first step and went back to church.  I know, what some of you may be thinking.  You don’t need a “church” to believe in God. I have taken that route as well.  I used to go for a drive every Sunday morning to the mountains.  It gave me a peace I could not get anywhere else, but at the same time I knew something was missing, I just wasn’t sure what.  Or maybe and I did not want to admit the “what.”

I think part of being “spiritually prepared” is being obedient.  For me that means going to church on Sunday, taking the sacrament, renewing my covenants that I am taking upon me the name of Christ and truly trying to treat others the way He would.  It also helps me recharge my batteries for the week. 

It doesn’t matter what side of the box I am working on I know I must keep working on all sides.  It’s been odd but ever there is a song thatgoes through my mind and makes me stop and reflect upon the words.  I first heard this song in the 70’s on the Donny and Marie Show.  It is called “When He Comes Again”.  It is the second verse that caught my attention and goes through my mind at least a few times a day. 

I wonder, when he comes again,Will I be ready there
To look upon his loving face, And join with him in prayer?
Each day I'll try to do his will, And let my light so shine
That others seeing me may seek, For greater light divine.
Then, when that blessed day is here,He'll love me and he'll say,
"You've served me well, my little child;Come unto my arms to stay."

This is what I live for everyday; to return home one day and be told "You've served me well, my little child;
Come unto my arms to stay." I hope that by actions and trying to soften my heart, and do what I believe to be right I can live up to this way.  They are not just words; they are how I try to live my life every day.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and stay warm!!!  Love you all….Laura

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