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Week One Newsletter....

Monday, September 23, 2013
Good Morning Friends and Family,

Back before I left Texas, I was told I should do a weekly newsletter to keep up with me.  I thought they were for families with kids and grandkids and it was silly for me to do one!!  I get a few family newsletters weekly and LOVE THEM!! But a couple of weeks ago I decided maybe it was time to try this and see what happens. 

On September 9th.  I found out some of my Opryland Family, Don and Mary Fahnestock were out west and not too far from me.  When they told me they were coming through Provo I was soooo excited.  Ilater learned they made a DETOUR through Provo just to see me!!  We had a great visit!!  They were on their way to Yellowstone and wanted to go through Flaming Gorge.  I took them on the scenic route to Provo Canyon so they could catch I-80 and be on their way.Thanks to technology, we had our cell phones going and I played tour guide in one car while they were in theirs. 

We drove by the Provo LDS Temple, Eastlawn Cemetery (a great place to go and overlook the valley), and to Bridal Veil Falls (pictures below).  As we said our goodbye’s and I headed down the canyon, the tears started.  I had not seen them in 12 years.  I was sad to see them go, but when I saw messages from their family on FB and how much they were missed I was grateful for my time with them.  My love for them has growneven stronger.  I was just so grateful they took the time to stop and see me!! I have always wondered if I really have the capacity to love others.  There are many I love, but this day my heart broke to say goodbye. 


 After getting home from my outing, I discovered my cousin Gila and her husband Dusty would be in town on Saturday!!  That made me even happier!!!  I did a double dose of Snoopy Dancing! Gila’s grandmother Ellen is my Grandfather Vernon’s one and only sister.  I was able to meet Gila, Claudia and Spike (Gilla’s brother and sister) while I lived in Texas.This was Gila and Dusty’s second stop in Provo (they stopped last year and saw me too).  I found out their son Steven is aiming to get a movie in the Sundance Film Festival down the road in a few years.  I was excited as The Sundance Film Festival happens right here in this area!!  Happy Day!!  Good Luck Steven!!

An interesting thing happened at Chile’s that night.  A young man suffered a seizure.  It was probably 20 or 30 minutes before they had the area cleared again.  In that time, our waitress could not get our food to us, so another customer offered and played the waiter part to a TEE!!  I did not think much of it but Dusty did!!  This is what I see so different about people that I want so much to be like.  He asked the waitress for the young couple’s bill.  The young couple was so appreciative that someone did that for them.  In return the manager came out and thanked Dusty for his kindness and gave Dusty a gift from Chiles.  Dusty may get a bit embarrassed for me putting this in here, but it touched me so greatly!!! He let me hold on to him as we went to my car and was parting ways that night, “We love you and we want you to get healthy to be with us for a long time.” He said to meor something to that affect.  It touched me that he said these things to me because I know they do love me and care about me.  I know, I know a lot of people do.  It’s just hard for me to see it as you all do!!! So thank you Dusty!!!

On October 5th, the Cain Cousins are gathering to place headstones for our Great Great Grandmother Virginia Forehand, and two of her sons Mat and John Samuel.  Minerva (Gila and my Great Grandmother) and Virginia’s daughter has a headstone in the Hargis Cemetery. Gila is planning on representing Minerva’s line of the family at the ceremony!!  She brought me a small gift that still shocks me.  She brought me pictures of Minerva and Nathaniel (Minerva’s husband) Moore.  I had never seen pictures of them.  I did not even know their names until about 4 years ago.  And now to see pictures, just in time for the headstone ceremony.  The uncanny thing was I looked just like Minerva.  I was so grateful for that picture…..I have always felt like the insider looking in. 

I know I carry the Moore name but really had no idea who they were.  But seeing that picture of Minerva…I knew I finally belonged somewhere. 

Minerva and Laura Moore            Nat Moore             Virginia Forehand

Sometimes I get angry at my Dad and Grandfather.  I just think if they would have been better people, led better lives maybe mine life would not be so hard.  Maybe I feel so much responsibility is on me knowing what I know about life.  The experience I had with my mom when she passed changed my life forever that day.  I think about it everyday and my family and am I doing enough to gather the records and gather them?  I don’t know.  I know on most days I try my best to do and that is all I can do. 

There is a quote I love from Marvin J Ashton who said: “If we could look into each other hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance, and care.”

Because of this journey I’ve had with Nathaniel and Minerva, my heart has softened towards my family, especially my Mom, Dad and Grandfather.  It has softened me towards life and towards others.  It used to be hard for me to hear the taunts and disapproval against me. I never felt I was good enough for anything or anyone. Now I wonder what has happened in their life to be that way and feel the need to bring another person down? I know we all take different journeys and deal with life differently.  For me it is my family history. It’s what keeps me going from day to day.  And whenever I need a pick me upper, I just go back and look at the gathering I have done over the last 36 years and smile. 

I don’t think I have had an exciting life, but it definitely has been a journey!!!  Recently I have been helping a friend with her family history.  I have been going through both lines of her family to find the holes where research and work still need to be done.  It was interesting on one line (9 Generation chart) there were 77 unaccounted families in a nine generation fan chart.  In another line I noticed a little girl named Abigail Ann.  She was 8 years old and for place of death it stated, “Died on plains to Salt Lake Valley.”

Life is hard, and sometimes we need to cry.  But we also must find a way to pick ourselves back up, brush ourselves off and keep going.  May I suggest looking at your family history and if you don’t have any it is a great time to get started.  Our ancestors have paved the way for us, sometimes the road may be a bit rocky but we will make it. We may stumble, but get back up and try again. Thank you all for your friendship, love and helping hands in helping pull me up!!

Please let me know what you think of this idea and if you like it or not???  Hope you enjoy the news and pictures and it gives you a great way to start a Monday Morning!!!

Hugs and Loves Laura

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