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Vol. 2 No. 6 - What is Your Legacy?

What is your Legacy?

 Greetings All....

Another week is under our belt and that means Spring is one week closer!!!  Do you feel the freshness and newness coming?  The warmth?  I do!!!  And don't listen to that ole groundhog...I heard rumors on Facebook that several other varmints took care of him for his lousy prediction!! Boy...imagine having the world after you because of your opinion?  Oh wait we do know what that is like and see it every day when our opinion do not agree with society's view.  Just had to throw that in for the day!  It's okay to differ in opinions; it's not okay to condemn another person for that difference. 

As I have mentioned before, sometimes I write my newsletter a few times before feeling as though I am getting it right for the week.  This past Sunday I heard a lesson on "Legacy".  What have we left behind for our children, grandchildren etc.  Then this morning I read an article on Peyton Manning and the Manning family.  I do not pay much attention to the Super Bowl but I saw enough posts to know that the Broncos lost and Peyton took a beating for it.  But through it all, he held his head high with respect and not degrading someone else because they were a "winner" over him on a scoreboard. Also as I write this today it is opening day of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games.  My mind flashed back to 2000 as I began my own journey towards the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics.  There are many things I am grateful for in my life and near the top is that I pursued my dream of being part of the Olympics when I was laughed at as a teenager. I fulfilled that dream in 2002, today this is all about legacy, good and bad.

I find it interesting that the first definition of legacy is defined as  "Law, a  gift of  property, especially personal property, as money,by will; bequest."[i] The second definition s what I think of legacy as "anything handed down from the past ,as from an ancestor or predecessor: "[ii] It should not surprise me the first definition focuses on worldly views and the second as to what life is about. I am not saying it is bad to leave a gift of property or money behind as we leave this earth, but to me that is not a legacy.  A legacy is what you leave behind of yourself as you leave this earth and money had nothing to do with it. 

The Manning Family.  I lived in Tennessee when Peyton played for The Vols.  I never heard one bad word about him the whole four years I was there.  Today the article talked about him holding his head high, respect for others, family, etc.  There is nothing bad in the article that degrades another person so most people will not see the article.   If Peyton would have been the opposite and threw a temper tantrum, cussed, and slammed the Seahawks you would bet he would get all kinds of "publicity."  But that is not Peyton or who the Manning's are.  So he continues to be the respectful and good man he is and continues on with life and take the bashings from those who must look for the bad, even in the good things.  What others say about him is not who Peyton Manning or his family is.  They all know that, but the rest of the world thinks they can tell them. This is a legacy, to leave this earth with your head held high because you knew you did your best and know who you are.

Sunday in Relief Society many talked about leaving their legacy behind by knowing they were a good person, could quilt, had a testimony of Jesus Christ etc.   As I listened to them I thought of my own life and my book.  I wrote my book because I felt I needed to.  I had been encouraged to share my story but it became so much more than sharing my story. After I published my book I realized I was the one telling my story, not the perspective someone else had of me, not the stories that had been told about me.  Anyone who truly wanted to know my story only had to pick up the book and read it to know who I was.  For that very reason I am glad I stayed with the book though 11 yearsof tears and pain, and published it.  If nothing else that will be a part of my legacy. 

One of the highlights of my life was definitely being part of the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games.  It was a journey!!  From the Fifteen page application, to the interview, to the wait, being processed through the processing center to get your credentials to finally arriving at the first day of work. I would not have traded it for anything!!  But something many may not know is that my association with the games will always be known to the world who visits Salt Lake City and the Olympic Legacy Plaza at the Gateway Center Mall.  
There is a volunteer wall with the names of all the volunteers who helped welcome the world to Salt Lake City and I am on it.  I was there the day the wall was unveiled.  Such an incredible feeling!! Whenever I have friends coming to Salt Lake and they ask me what to see I tell them about the wall.  I am very proud to be associated with such a legacy of a state I love!!!
This got me to thinking this week, I wonder what you feel all of your legacy's are?  So many times when I talk to people about writing their personal histories they tell me, "Oh I don't have as interesting a life as you do."  Really?  Is it we don't have what we think is interesting, or is it just overwhelming to think about doing a personal history?  You have to remember this is "YOUR STORY" not how anyone sees you, but it comes from you.  I had an aunt who left behind a one page autobiography of herself.  Although her words stung my heart they also helped me understand my heritage and my grandparents and great grandparents more.  I treasure that one page biographical sketch she shared.  I am sure it was not easy to write the things she did, but I could tell they came from the heart.  That is why I treasure it!!

So this week I am going to ask you all to do a one page personal history assignment.  You didn't know you got homework from my newsletter did you?  I am going to attach some questions that will hopefully help you get started on it.  Maybe someday down the road you will expand on it.  When you have it completed, I would like you to share a copy with me.  It won't go any further than me and in doing so....I am going to send you a special gift!!  Now I have you all curious don't I?  Yes I know it is called bribery....but I feel this is so important to do and want to encourage you all to do so!!! And I have found bribery works best sometimes!

There was a lady I knew and I feel sad for her.  When her daughter died, there was no obituary no viewing, no funeral just a graveside service.  The cemetery was so packed cars were parked down the hill to the main street.  I am not sure what made my friend decide to do her passing this way. Interesting enough when she passed there was no obituary for her either.  They passed the news along by word of mouth.  It was almost like she did not want anyone to know anything about her or her existence.  It makes me sad when I think of how they saw the world and lived. 

I know I have so many incredible friends, with incredible hearts, and stories that need to be told.  Hardships of life is nothing to be ashamed of, they are what makes us stronger.  Please share your story! If this is the only one you ever right, at least your descendants will get to know a bit of who you were up until this time in life.  

To get started on your own story, click the PAGE Tab at the top of the blog titled Questions for your Personal History.

I hope you all have a great week!!!   I love you all!  GO USA!!!!

Love Laura


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