Friday, March 28, 2014

Vol. 2 No. 7 - How Do You Show the Love?

How Do You Show the Love?

Greetings All!!

The weather here in Utah has been B E A U T I F U L!!  Today (Saturday) it was supposed to hit 61!  As of this writing it is 56, we may just make it!!  I know not everyone is in good weather, but remember Spring is coming.  Maybe putting some fresh flowers around the house or other signs of Spring will be a reminder and help you to remember it is coming! I can see the signs of Spring outside my door as I see the snow disappear and birds fluttering around, and I was able to get out in the fresh air every day.  I love to get out and just think and ponder.  While out last week It got me to thinking about Valentine's Day/Week and I wondered "How Do You Show Your Love." 

I saw one gentleman who posted pictures of their Valentine's Day dinner and I saw others who posted heart shape pancakes, their children's Valentine Day Boxes from school, etc.  Many friends posted flowers from their spouses or boyfriends.  Flowers are an interesting thing for Valentine's Day.  I think I have gotten "a flower" on Valentine's Day once.  Part of the perils of not having that special someone in your life.  I read an article this week about a man who bought three bouquets of flowers.  Someone observing watched him pick out the flowers and decided he must be a player.  How dare he on Valentine's Day get flowers for all three of his girlfriends!!  She decided it was her place to call the man out.  After humiliating him in public he politely told her, one was for his mother.  Since his Dad had died, he got his Mother flowers on Valentine's Day because his Dad always did.  One was for his wife, because his Dad taught him about showing extra love on Valentine's Day with flowers.  The third was for his daughter, because I want her to know and be reminded of how she should be treated by a man.  The woman walked away speechless.  I hope so!!!  Whether the story was true or not it teaches us a great lesson.  All three of these ladies received flowers for a different reason.

This week I watched my friend and her family anxiously awaiting the arrival of their son/brother home from a two year church mission to Japan.  He was to be in on Valentine's Day.  The table had been set, house decorated, plans met for the airport reunion.  I got a text on Thursday his flight had been cancelled.  Friday morning I had another text that he would be in on Sunday afternoon.  When I asked my friend how she was doing she said she was fine, but I knew she was disappointed.  But I also know because of her faith and wisdom she could get past the disappointment and look to the new date.  I had some boxes of Conversation Hearts I had picked up at the store and wanted to give to someone.  But who?  She was the first person I thought of.  She has done alot for me in the past year but I wanted her to know in a small way that she was loved.  So I took her a box of Conversation Hearts for Valentine's Day.  I know it will not even be on the same page as her son coming home or the love her family gave her, but I hope she knows my love for her.

I took another box of Conversation Hearts to a friend who pumps my gas for me every week.  When I went to get gas on Wednesday she was not at work.  I learned she was with her son as he was having tests done on his heart.  When I talked to her she told me of the tears all day because she loved her son so much.  There is only so much you can do for a person and they must do the rest.  But she was there to offer her support and love.  She couldn't take the tests for him or make the pain go away but she could be there with her love.  The next day I went to see her and she was still out.  Her esophagus had collapsed.  When the doctors when to stretch it back it tore.  It was not one of her better weeks.  She often tells me of the stress she has with her kids because she loves them so much.  That was evident this week.

The third person was someone who was going to pick up a software program for me at Office Max. While her and her husband were away out of the country, they had a flood in their home.  Two of their kids who live nearby found the flood and by the time they had returned home already had the insurance people called, contractors etc.  As we were talking a neighbor girl out walking stopped and talked to us.  I learned they were struggling with diapers and formula for their newborn baby. I thought of all that my friend did for me and wished I could do more for people.  Then I remembered l still had several gift cards from the holidays.  I reached in and handed her a gift card to give to the young couple.  Afterwards I thought why did I do that?  I don't even know them? I realized my heart really was softening and I really did have a love for people I did not even know.

Even though it made me happy to remember my friends, I started to focus on myself.  I knew I would not get any flowers or candy or signs of I love you.  It made me doubt if people did love me or if they just tolerated me.  I thought "Laura how selfish of you!  You know people love you and care about you."  Yes I do, sometimes I think it is the physical aspect of it all I miss.  Just then I got a text  message that said, "Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!"  I sat there for a moment and the tears began to come.  Just when I needed that physical aspect of Valentine's Day, I got via a text message.  I thanked my friend and told him some days I wonder about the whole love thing.  He texted back, "We are all loved by the same God."  That is true.  And it is unconditional. 

I once had a co-worker who was talking about his troubled life and marriage. I asked him if they told one another they loved each other.  His response was, "Oh we don't need to, we know we do."  We all have different ways of showing our love.  When I walk out to my driveway after a snow storm and see it has been shoveled, it shows love to me.  When I get help with my groceries and getting them into my car, it shows love to me.  When I get an anonymous card in the mail telling me they love me, it shows love to me.  On more than one occasion I have gotten a text message telling me someone was thinking about me and loved me, just when I really needed it.

I hope we all have those small ways we can show others how much we care and love them.  Even those that are around us who seem strong, or have a perfect life, or can get through anything, they still need to know you are rooting them on.  It saddens me when I hear people say, "I don't need to show my love on one day, I show it all year long."  I understand what they are saying but at the same time, I think it is sad.  It doesn't mean it has to be expensive dinner and flowers, but by simply dong even a small thing you let everyone know you have a special someone on Valentine's Day.  That special someone may be a spouse, or family member or even a friend, but you let them know they are special.

I had a friend years ago and her husband would pack her lunch every day.  They were newly married.  He was in school and she worked full time to support them.  Her first day back at work from their honeymoon, she dug into her lunch and pulled out a piece of paper and got a big smile on her face.  The next day it was all the same.  Every day he packed her lunch, he put in a love note. 

When I want to show my love towards others it is usually with something small and the current holiday treats that are out at the time.  So I am curious, what do you do for your family or friends to show them you love them?  Any unique ideas or traditions you do?  Remember just as important as it is for us to receive those messages of love it is the same for others...and maybe it has to start with us!!

Have a great week everyone!!! Here is a thought for you to help you through the week, Spring is only 31 days away!!!

Hugs Laura

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