Friday, March 28, 2014

Vol. 2 No. 5 - Is Life Like Candy Crush?

Is Life Like Candy Crush?

Greetings All,

They always say "third time is the charm" maybe that will be true with this newsletter. Sometimes when I sit down to write this I just have a bee in my bonnet and need to just spit it out.  I do try to keep the newsletter positive because I believe we have enough negative in our lives.  It is easy to complain about all that is wrong with the world and our lives, and I have never been one for the easy or quickest way in life (as you are probably know already.)  So this is another attempt of the first go around of the newsletter I tried this week, but with a different approach.

Something pretty miraculous happened this week and I was trying to find a way to tell the story in a way that would not spill to many of the details about the people. Let me give you a preface before giving you the story.  There is a game on Facebook called Candy Crush.  I know, I many times I can kick myself for even beginning to play it.  Friends were playing and I looked at it and thought HOW BORING!!  When I was stuck on my other games, I would come back to Candy Crush and eventually I "Got It" and kept playing. Now it is a great challenge and I like being able to figure out the strategies to win the level.  A couple of things about Candy Crush you need to know before I get to the meat and guts of the newsletter.  The more levels you complete the harder the game is to win.  Sometimes you get some easy boards and you fly through then.  Other times you get stuck on them for what seems like eternity.  All the levels are beatable but sometimes in addition to your skill and talent you need to let it all fall into place to be able to clear the level.  This includes being patient, sometimes I see a better move while I am making another move.  I think why did I just do that and then I have to start all over again.  You have "lives" which is the amount of times you have to try and achieve the task on the board.  Once you have gone through your lives, you need to either wait for them to accumulate again or ask friends for help.  From there you basically have two options.  You can either be persistent and keep trying or quit and give up. Let me add there is a help line, actually many sites you can go for help.  Because sometimes there are little tricks in order to clear the level and move on.

Today I realized life is alot like Candy Crush in many ways.  Things have to start coming together in order to be able to move forward.  You can either quit trying because life is not the way you want it or you can be persistent and keep trying till you get it.  Let me tell you about this miracle that happened this week.

I have some friends who have helped me tremendously in the last 6 months when I had no job and no money.  They graciously paid my rent for me for the last six months.  This past week I finally received my "lump sum" of disability.  That is the good news.  The bad news, it was not what I was expecting.  It was less than what I expected.  Originally with my disability I was going to buy a new car, that was top on the list.  Second on the list was paying back my friends.  That all changed and I decided to pay my friends first.

On Wednesday I called my friend and told them the money had come and I needed to send them their money.  Her husband is a teacher and needed a new computer for a class he will be teaching next fall.  I was told they had no idea where the money would come from for the computer but they felt it would come.  They had just discussed this Wednesday morning!  You see where this is going right?  I called three hours later and gave them the news on the money.  Then I was asked the magical question.  "Do you know off the top of your head how much it is?"  When I gave her the amount she said, "You have got be kidding me!  You are not going to believe this but that is exactly what we need for the new computer!"  She went on to say, "Little did we know six months ago when we were helping you, you would be our savings account for our new computer."

I have thought about this all week.

I think my week is alot like Candy Crush.  I was totally crushed when I saw I was not getting the amount I thought I was getting with my disability.  But at the same time I cannot complain because now I get to focus on getting healthy and not so much trying to figure out how to survive day to day.  I know in time it will all work out as it should.  And if I run out of patience there is always a help line through prayer.  I know Heavenly Father is aware of my needs and desires and I believe everything happens for a reason.  So after I have done all I can, it will fall into place as it should.

 My thoughts go back to my new car and the plans I had this year.  They were dashed in a matter of minutes. But I have faith and believe that somehow that car will come.  I don't know how or when but it will.  I think why not now and realize there could be a million reasons.  For one my objective is to get my health back.  I can guarantee you had I gotten a newer vehicle and more money I would be out spending money and not concentrate on my health. Maybe I am being taught to be cautious and continue to work on my legs and my health.  That is the first thing that came to mind.

I saw a quote the other day that said something like many of us pray for patience but the problem is we want it right now.  I know that feeling all too well.  So my message this week is, I know sometimes it is frustrating when we have plans and they do not turn out as we want them to.  When that happens instead of looking at the positive, frustration and negativeness usually sets in and we spiral downward.  Then (I think) we decide we need to stay in control and make attempts to make it happen OUR WAY and we are still not happy. If we only would have patience it may have a different outcome for the better.

Today I went to the bank and sat in a line at the drive thru.  I wanted to yell, "Can you move a bit faster?  Grandma was slow but she was old!!"  I didn't.  I told myself "Laura it is one drive thru" and then in the others I went through today it was the same story.  Long lines and slow moving. I will admit by the last one my patience was very short.  But then I remembered the computer story and told myself, "it is all working out as it should."  We don't always understand the "why" things happen as they do, just that they do. I believe in faith, and prayers and miracles.  One day I know I will understand it all.

I hope you are all well and life is treating you good!  There is a huge Family History conference this week I will be attending from the comfort of home.  We are seeing warmer weather here in Provo, and although that pesky groundhog saw his shadow, I believe Spring will be here before we know it.  My legs will be grateful...they like the warmer weather.

Love you all....Hugs Laura 

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